Dalmec™ Australia Has Joined The Posilift Group.

We can now solve a much wider range of lifting and materials handling problems in Australia and be more flexible to the needs of our customers.

Joining the Posilift Group has given us access to a much wider range of pneumatic industrial manipulators. It has also added Electronic Lifters, Intelligent Assist Devices, Air Balancers, Servo Hoists and a range of Steel and Aluminium Gantries and Rail to our range of products and solutions.

We now supply Industrial Manipulators from Armtec Equipment (Australia/China) and Famatec (Italy).  

Armtec Equipment is the manufacturing arm of Posilift.  It is an Australia/China operation which follows the European style of manipulator design, is CE Certified, and meets international standards of safety, quality and reliability.  Armtec Equipment sells internationally and has an impressive reference list.

We have had a long history of working with Posilift overseas and we are now able to work with them in Australia.

For our existing customers there will be virtually no difference except for the wider range of solutions, faster delivery and lower prices.

The manipulators will continue to be made to our design requirements, features and specifications as before.

Our dedication to customer satisfaction, service and support remains the same.

So whether your handling task is simple or difficult, we  now have a solution to meet your need and budget

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Dalmec™ Australia owns the Dalmec™ name and Dalmec™ trade mark in Australia.  We are no longer associated with and no longer have any connection to the owners of the Dalmec™ name or trade mark in other countries

1. Solving your lifting and moving problems on production lines is our business

Wide Range Of Lift Assist Devices

We have a wide range of Balancers, Manipulators, Articulating Arms, Balancing Arms, Servo Hoists, Intelligent Assist Devices with which we can solve your lifting requirements.

Balancers – pneumatic or electric – cable or chain – with varying weigh capacities up to 1,270 kg. Mounted as Balancing Arms or on Overhead Rail.

Pneumatic Manipulators – Balancing Arms , Articulated Arms – many types, sizes and uses – from small, light, compact, lifting loads up to 120kg ; medium sizes for normal industrial use; and large sizes with up to 900 kg lifting capacity and 6 metre reach. Available in various configurations – Column, Fixed Overhead, Overhead Trolley mounted, Floor Trolley mounted..

Electronic Lifters, Servo Systems, Intelligent Assist Devices (IAD) – enables controlled transfer of workloads. The user-friendly equipment enhances repeatable precision and speed for any application. Standard or custom options allow for various programmed product functions.

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2. We have a wide range of solutions to meet your budget

Experience Across All Industries

It is likely that Dalmec™ Australia, the Posilift Group or one of our suppliers has already solved your handling problem somewhere in the world.

The combined reference list of Dalmec™ Australia, Posilift and its suppliers include most of the major International manufacturers in most industries. (Ask us for our reference list).

Quality – Safety – Reliability

All our equipment suppliers meet the highest standards of quality, safety and reliability.

Famatec equipment is made in Italy. Famatec is a UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 company. They comply with all the European Directives on Machinery. Their products carry the CE Certication.

Knight equipment is made in the USA. Knight has achieved the highest Quality Assurance Certications – ISO 9001:2008, ISO14001:2004, CE, and Ford Q1.

Armtec equipment (Australia/China) is CE Certified and is designed and manufactured to BS EN ISO12100:2010 Standards and comply with European 2006/42/EC Machinery

3. We offer value for money. Improved productivity, reliability, safety, ease of use and after sales service.

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